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Are you willing to suffer?

When it comes to hard work perspective is everything. Do you work as hard as you think you do? When you go the gym are you really giving it everything you have or are you simply just showing up? Many people lower expectations prior to effort to avoid disappointment. We don’t tolerate such excuses. Sometimes we have to just suck it up. You'll do just fine. Usually better than you expect. 

 We work on the fact that the mind is primary. The mind drags the body upward, forward. The physical work is easy - attitude makes it effective. The most important muscle you can train is the one inside your skull. Do you want to?

 If you want to achieve your goals you have to do more than just show up. You have to work, you have to grind, you have to suffer. Just because you showed up to the gym doesn’t mean you’ve put in an honest days work and it certainly doesn’t mean you’ve done something to make yourself better. 

 There is a lot of false information out there. We are inundated with new fad gyms promising radical, life changing results with very little time commitment and very little effort. How can that be true? How many times have you taken a short cut and failed? Nothing in life comes easily and Black Wolf is no exception. It may be the road less traveled but the harder road is always the road to take and the right way is always the best way. 

 In the realm of fitness most people blame external forces when they don’t achieve their goal. They make excuses for their poor effort. Time, equipment, lack of knowledge, poor genetics, are all common excuses. They rarely look within and blame the real culprit: Themselves.

 If you are willing to work hard, if you are willing to make sacrifices, and you are willing to suffer then you will be successful. If you want something bad enough you will find a way to make it happen. It is that simple. Maybe not easy, but certainly simple. Remember that the most successful people in the world share something in common: they are willing to make sacrifices where others are not. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be survive and thrive. There are no excuses. They embrace hard work, they are willing to give everything they have and they are willing to suffer. We could learn something from these people. These are the people we call our members! People ask why we don't advertise. The answer is very simple, the quality of our members/supporters/friends are all the advertising we ever need. They’re the ones which set the example for all of us. Do you have what it takes walk a different path? 

The information/training you will see in our gym is a not a recommendation it's just what we do. And we take responsibility for our actions. You should too. Finally, don't complain if the work is too hard, or if you pass out, drop a kettle bell on yourself, a dumbbell on your toes or find yourself sore for days afterward, it can happen when you step out of your comfort zone!

 you benefit them?

Black Wolf Training Centre is a personal  project that has been developed over the last  20 years and we are very excited to have the business operational. Over many years of training in a range of physical disciplines, combative systems and martial arts, we became very disillusioned with the direction of our training. We continually searched for gyms, dojos and training centres where we could hone our skills and physical abilities in an environment that was conducive to personal growth and actual ability, not based around ego, belts or the illusion of fitness. It was at this point we decided to create this ‘place’ for ourselves. Black Wolf now provides training at our headquarters, corporate engagements including team building and 'active threat defense'  and specialised defensive tactics training for everyday people and the  first responder community.  

We chose the wolf as the symbol for our business ideology and approach as it possesses the many qualities we admire and wish to embody as fitness enthusiasts and self defence instructors. The wolf is a healthy, fit, powerful, almost mythical creature whose ferocity and cunningness are equalled only by its loyalty and devotion to the pack. Playful when needed, fiercely protective when required! The wolf works with the members of its pack to achieve a greater goal. 

Our Approach;

We believe that as human beings, it is important to develop and hone ones physicality and therefore the strength of one’s mind. The mind is primary; we strive to gain mental fortitude via physical training, be it through recovery programs such as Pilates or via High Intensity Training and defensive tactics S.P.E.A.R System. We endure challenges that force us to find the physical and mental strength required to succeed. We are instructors who believe that chance favours the prepared mind. 

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Nick Raftopoulos & Marco Iacuone

Founders & Directors 

Black Wolf Training